Tool Sharpening


Sharpening your cutting tools can reduce your overall tooling costs.  CJT Koolcarb has decades of experience restoring your tools and giving them new life.  All CJT Koolcarb re-conditioned tools arrive to you in new packaging labeled with your tool number and all lot traceability information.


Carbide End Mills

With new innovations in carbide endmill designs, CJT Koolcarb can handle variable flute and helix designs, returning your tools to you in “like new” condition.  Utilizing the latest CNC equipment, each edge is reground and coatings (TiN, TiAN, etc.) re-applied as required.


Carbide Drills

CJT Koolcarb sharpens all major brands of carbide drills and step drills.  We return all drill points to OEM geometries.  Coatings are re-applied where applicable.


Carbide Tools

We’re capable of sharpening virtually any round carbide cutting tool in addition to your carbide drills and carbide end mills.  These include carbide reamers, grooving tools, form tools, profile ground tools, and multi-function tools.

By sending us your drawings with your tools, CJT Koolcarb will send them back in “like new” condition.


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